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Valentine's Day Style Guide

Valentine's Day Style Guide
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and for many of us ladies it’s a day that we can dress up, have fun and indulge a little more on the Day of Love. For all our boho queens and gypsy wanderers, we at House of SKYE have come up with 4 different outfits for 4 different occasions using our new collection, Dream Weaver and jewellery from our new Inner Gypsy collection. These styles are so dreamy and soft, it’ll keep you comfortable for whatever you have planned but also give you the extra “wow” factor for your very special day.

For our Dinner date lovers

Heading out to a nice dinner is one of the most romantic and sophisticated dates you can go on. As such, it demands an incredible outfit that’s equal parts style and class. We recommend pairing our Stella Maxi Dress with an unbuttoned Duster Dress. Our Stella Maxi Dress features a soft pleating and cotton lace detail with the ultimate dreamy silhouette and the perfect amount of swoosh when wearing this stunning masterpiece. Especially when it is cold, throw over a matching scarf - like our Dreamweaver Scarf.

With soft long sleeves and gorgeous detail around the dress, it will flatter and compliment the Stella Maxi Dress perfectly. We recommend pairing any of our colours with Summer White in either dress so that the colour won’t be overwhelming. For the finishing touches, go with a pair of earrings that will give your outfit the subtle “pop”.

The Outdoor Picnic Date


The team at House of SKYE agree that picnic dates are one of the most romantic date locations there is. It is intimate and we love being able to customise and pick our own picnic food. But with the weather sometimes going up to 40 degrees Celsius (or more!), it can be a little bothersome to have a picnic date in such hot weather. We recommend using our Daydream Blouse and Stella Maxi Skirt combination to just beat that heat. Our Daydream Blouse is a beautiful bohemian classic, but with a twist. Tash has designed an elastic shirring to go around the neckline, so it can be worn on and off-the-shoulder – giving you either option opens up more styling opportunity.

When the weather is cool, we recommend wearing the blouse off-the-shoulder. Pair with our most flattering skirt made, the Stella Maxi Skirt has layers of fabric and lace that gives its romantic feel. This sophisticated skirt has everything – a drawstring elastic waist, pockets, and the ultimate signature bohemian swoosh. Pair with a piece of statement necklace to top it off.

For the Wandering Soul – Date at the Beach

We live in Western Australia, home to the most beautiful beaches in the world. So why not take advantage of the beautiful scenery and have a beach date when watching the sunset? Weather permitting, of course. We recommend hitting it back and adopting a more casual style with our popular Daydreamer Mini Dress. Our sleeveless whimsical stunner features a deep v-neckline and beautiful embroidery detail styled in-house, but we added a new twist – a back fabric tie for the cheeky and playful side of this dress.

If you have this dress in your closet, consider taking it out for the Day of Love! It is beautiful and such a soft dress for a hot summer’s day. To complete the outfit, consider adding a statement accessory like a chunky necklace.

The Comfy Queen – at the Movies


Heading to the cinema is a traditional date that all couples enjoy. Although the outing doesn’t require the same standard of dress as dining at a 5-star restaurant, it does merit some effort in the style department. While you’ll naturally want to look gorgeous, you’ll also want to dress comfortably but also casually. Our Starla Maxi Dress is a romantic touch in a magical bohemian style and a HQ favourite.

The dress offers a beautiful off the shoulder neckline with a drawstring waist that can be tightened to give a more flattering silhouette. It is a Maxi, so it will keep you warm when the theatre gets a little bit too cold. Pair it with a pair of earrings and a subtle necklace to compliment your outfit.

To see more of our collection, head to our website. Have a great Valentine’s Day and remember to tag us #HouseOfSkye to show off your outfits!



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