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Top tips for Working from Home

Top tips for Working from Home
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As many of us have taken to 'social distancing' as much as we can during this time, we thought it would be a good idea to give out our best tips for working from home. 

1) Dress for work.

You'd be surprised how keeping this routine can activate the brain into 'work mode.' If we stay in Pjs or comfy clothes we can sometimes find that we slack off, become too at home, and or work performance decreases. Simply put; shower, dress nice and treat it as a regular day of work. And try not to work from bed or on the couch either. 

2) Prioritise.

We get it. When you're at home you will notice the washing needs doing or dishes in the sink aren't being cleaned - especially if other people are now in the house with you (partners, kids etc) but be careful not to let that become your 'to do list.' Set aside those tasks for when your work hours are done. Even spend the time you would usually dedicate to the commute to work on these instead, or maybe even your exercise routine. Shuffling around your normal hours into bite sized chunks and having clear defined priorities in each section is an easy way to get your brain to focus. 


7am - 8am: work out and shower - dress for work.
8am - 12pm: Emails, orders & client follow ups.
12pm - 1pm: Lunch (and tend to the kids)
1pm - 5pm: Back to work and prep for tomorrow.
5pm onwards: Out of work clothes and spending me time/family time.

Sometimes we let the everyday things distract us at home - so try making a short achievable list for yourself and set your boundaries - like turning off social media. 


3) Make a Space.

If you can, have a dedicated area for you to work from. Make it your own; coaster, notebook, hand sanitiser, stress ball. Put practical things in your space but also make yourself feel comfortable. This is your new work space where you might spend 8 hours a day, so don't just settle for the corner of your dining table. If you have an exercise ball - maybe use that as a chair. Get your ab workout and posture sorted whilst typing away. 
The best practice for us is; your space reflects your headspace. So try to keep it clean too! Chefs know it best - a cluttered space is a cluttered mind. Clean as you go - don't eat at your desk if you can help it - and give yourself the best chance of achieving your tasks efficiently. 


During this time where COVID-19 might be shaking up your routine, make the best out of it for yourself. Maybe you find you like working from home and by implementing some of these tips, that you get more done in a day than you expected. Best wishes and stay safe!

With love,

House of S K Y E 


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