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The Joy of Wearing Accessories

The Joy of Wearing Accessories
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Accessories are everything to me and are as important as choosing my outfit for the day. It may sound a little over the top but I am a huge accessories lover and always have been. I love that accessories can make a statement and add a wow factor to your favourite outfit that you may have owned for years and can make the whole outfit feel and look different every time you wear. I get so excited when I mix from our Inner Gypsy Jewellery pieces mixed with a one of my favourite boho pieces and finish the look with a vintage belt or boots that I have found along my travels. In a time where we are more sustainable a statement accessory always speaks about you and shows people your personal style.


The Top 5 questions I always ask myself when accessorising are: 

Does my accessories give a wow factor to my outfit and finish my complete look?

How much should I layer?

(note: I consider layering an essential and plus, it is so much fun to add)

Should I add a vintage find? 

Shall I finish with a statement piece, like a pair of Cowboy Boots to go with my favourite Boho Pieces?

How much fringing is enough?

(note: I can never get enough of it)

I love that our Inner Gypsy Jewellery collection consists of wonderfully versatile, intricately designed bohemian treasures. Delicately handmade and crafted using a blend of recycled materials including tin and zinc, each design is finished using an antiquing process, enabling us to maintain high quality and product longevity. Our unique collection is inspired by the freedom of the 1970’s, the iconic Stevie Nicks and the embellished style adopted by the original Gypsies. Layering these pieces with your favourite bohemian style garments will have you feeling like a true, goddess.



With our new drop of our Into the Wild Collection we had so much fun and I love styling this back with our new leopard print, popping it with a jewel or layered silver statement pieces. Our New Maybella Dress mixed I loved layering this with Turquoise goodness from head to toe. My new favourite pieces from this collection are Monnjava Necklaces in Turquoise and Moonstone, our stunning Skylar Collection and our  new Starla Collection finishing with our favourite rings or earrings from our Inner Gypsy Collection, whatever the occasion ensure to pick accessories that you love and that speaks your style and that you can treasure forever.




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