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The Disco Party Guide

The Disco Party Guide
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Nothing fulfills our retro 70s passion more than a boogie disco night and here at House of Skye we don't need any reasons to throw a disco party and celebrate! Here's our ultimate guide to how to throw a 70s disco party. We hope this guide sparks some inspiration and ideas for your future disco bash! 
Start your party planning with discovering your inspirations and researching exactly what vibe you want your party atmosphere to look and feel like. Start by Pinteresting "70s disco party ideas" and make a moodboard of different elements you want to incorporate in your event. This is a great way to get ideas for decorations and finding a way to create / replicate them yourself. 

The decorations of your disco party definitely sets the mood for the party and when in doubt - sparkle it out! We sourced decorations for our disco extravaganza from all over, starting with stores like Kmart and Big W are perfect for their party sections with cheap party decor and gear. 
Source out to Etsy for more specific items and custom items, such a personalised decorations. We even sourced from our favorite local op-shops for decorations.  

A great way to create a club-like feel is to block out the party space with some metallic backdrops/curtains. Not only are they great photo backdrops, but they reflect party lights and really create that disco atmosphere. We source ours from Kmart for $10! They come in gold and silver.

What's a disco party without disco balls? We filled our party space with a variety of disco ball sizes! Use little ones to add sparkle in areas such as tables and around roofing and larger ones over the dance floor! You can hire large disco balls that spin on online party stores, but we source ours from party sections in stores and etsy.


To give our party the ultimate groovy look we took a trip to our local op-shops and went through the record crates for some $1 records we hung up on fishing wire as extra decoration for the party. They spin around and reflect lights and are super easy to hang up, just thread fishing wire through the center and tie around beams on your outdoor roof. 

Because sometimes at House of Skye we can be a little EXTRA, we hired the most extra light up party dance floor to fulfill our 70s disco party fantasy! 
The light up floor filled the party space with light and colour and was the perfect space for shaking our groove thing! The floor definitely gave us the Saturday Night Fever feeling!


Every themed party is complete when you and your guests look amazing. 

Our party hostess Natasha had the most glitz and glam look of the night! Picking out the ultimate disco look online and completing the look with costume jewellery from Lovisa, Tash was dressed to dance the night away. Flares are a must for a disco party, same with groovy prints and sparkles. If your guests don't want to hire costumes from party costume stores, op-shops have perfect outfit options waiting for you! 

Great decor, perfect outfits and amazing drinks, the last thing your disco party needs is a smashing playlist created to theme! Fill your track list with 70s dance songs! Search for playlists such as "Studio 54 Soundtrack", "Saturday Night Fever Album"  and "Disco Hits" and create the ultimate dance party playlist for your event!

Our Top 5 Disco Tracks are :
  1. 1 Lost in Music- Sister Sledge
  2. Bad Girls – Donna Summer
  3. Le Freak – Chic
  4. Gimme Gimme Gimme- Sgt Slick
  5. We are Family – Sister Sledge



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