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That Gypsy Shop & House of SKYE

That Gypsy Shop & House of SKYE
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That Gypsy Shop For everyone reading tell us a little bit about 'That Gypsy Shop?
That Gypsy Shop is a venture dreamt up between my business partner Emma and I. We sell crystals, smudging tools, oracle cards and are lucky enough to stock bohemian style fashion and homewares from the amazing House of S K Y E! We wanted to make a living doing what we love, helping others and being flexible enough to accommodate for the fact that we have 5 kids between us! 
We love all things mystical and both come from families with spiritual roots. This is where our love for crystals and mystical tools came from. As a child I remember seeing my grandparents perform Maori healing rituals and Emma has a grandparent with psychic abilities. The business came about very organically and although it has only been operational for 4 months it seems like it is something we have always done.
What do you love most about living in WA?
What is there not to love! We’ve got it all in WA. Our summers are spent frolicking on our amazing beaches and boating over to Rottnest! Winters are spent on Ari’s bush block enjoying the wildlife and sitting around the bonfire sharing stories and fine wine. The best place on earth.
Do you have any advice for other women looking to embark upon their own entrepreneurial journeys?
The biggest piece of advice to any boss babe looking at starting her own entrepreneurial journey is to ignore the little voice of doubt in the back of your mind. We all have it and listening to it will hold you back. The best thing to do is to put one foot in front of another and just start making it happen. Love and trust your ideas and surround yourself with supportive likeminded people. You might just amaze yourself!
Do you have any business goals and aspirations for the future that you would like to share?
We are constantly at the drawing board and have a gazillion ideas that we want to incorporate into the business! We would love to help people find the amazing benefits of meditation and how crystals can amplify this. TGS meditation classes and Goddess Full Moon gatherings are definitely on the cards!
And finally what are your favourite styles from the HOS collection?
It is so hard to choose as we are so in love with all of Tash’s creations. Ari’s favourite style from the Stardust Soul Collection would have to be the Shooting Stars Jacket, there is nothing to compare it to, it encapsulates the feminine divine energy beautifully. Emma’s favourite is the Enchanted Maxi Dress Duster because of its amazing design detail including Crystals and the moon phases. It is also super versatile and breastfeeding friendly. 
You can follow Arianna and Emma @thatgypsystore
That Gypsy Shop
That Gypsy Shop


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