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Style Sessions - Introducing Bronte from @life.with.bronte

Style Sessions - Introducing Bronte from @life.with.bronte
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Thank you for catching up with us Bronte! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Gosh where do I start…I could talk about myself all day, but I’ll share the short version. I was born in the Pilbara surrounded by desert, where the white cockatoos are red and the gorges are crystal clear (I think that’s where my love for cowboy boots came from, but more on that later.) I then moved to Perth with my mother and became a total beach babe with my two sisters. We lived walking distance from the beach and went swimming at any given opportunity. - including 6am swims with the dolphins before work at Scarborough beach!  I loved the feel of the sand between my toes, the salty fresh air and listening to the waves at night. I then started to chase the money and went back to where it all began, back to the red dirt and started my FIFO life in Tom Price, my original hometown. I worked on the mine site just out of town and that’s where I met the man of my dreams. We lived in Fremantle and had our first baby girl and when she was 3 months old, we moved back to his hometown in Melbourne and had another baby girl. My heart is full of love for my girls Alyssa 4, Amalia 2 and my hubby and pets. My passions are my plants, fashion and living as eco-friendly as possible. 

Style Sessions with Bronte

What are your tips for styling the Desert Rose pieces during this transitional period?

The Desert Rose pieces have my name all over them. From the moment I read the Desert Rose description my heart just melted. I am that desert wanderer that loves endless road trips in my cowboy boots chasing the Australian sun. It was so hard to pick my favourite piece from the collection so I picked two, and they are the Wild Wild West Dress in Wild Rose and the Desert Haze Duster. Both pieces are so versatile and perfect for the cooler weather in Melbourne. My styling tips would be cowboy boots of course, chunky bohemian jewellery with a hat or scarf depending on the weather. I can’t wait to dance around in the Desert Haze Duster, it’s such a luxe piece with the embroidered details.

Style Sessions with Bronte

Who are your muses? Whose style are you loving right now?

My muses would have to be my friends and family. I’m drawn to people with a creative and artistic side that love to inspire others like myself. I’m also a huge fan of Nikki Reed, I love all that she is about. Her style is earthy and relaxed, but she also has a classy and elegant side. Plus, she’s married to a vampire what more could you want.


What are your favourite beauty products?

I have only just started getting into beauty products in the last two years, and I've only just learnt that you don’t put foundation on your eye lids and that you should do your eye shadow first! I learnt this from watching married at first sight. I have found this new natural mineral makeup that is 100% Vegan and cruelty free called Dusty Girls and I am loving it! Living in Melbourne you don’t get much of a tan, so I use Luna Bronze products for my fake tanning needs.

House of Skye and Life with Bronte

What did you love most about living in WA? Do you have any favourite favourite hotspots here?

Absolutely everything. I loved the simple life, the bohemian vibes, the warm nights with the sea breeze, fish and chips on the beach. The day trips to Rotto and Snorkeling in Exmouth.  I’ve done the entire coastline of WA by car a few times and I’d do it a million times over. Every time it's different and every time you take something different from it. I miss driving along the coastline and knowing it doesn’t matter where you end up, you’ll always get the sunset over the Ocean. It makes me home sick writing this, I will always be a Western Australian and I’m looking forward to the day I get to pack up and move back home.

Style Sessions with Bronte

What’s hot on your music playlist right now?

If you checked my Spotify it would have the Moana soundtrack as the most played (thanks kids) but Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is pretty hot right now in my house, but one of my old school favourites that’s played on repeat would be Icona Pop - I love it. My hubby is from the 70’s and I’m a 90s b***h!

Thank you Bronte!

You can follow Bronte on Instagram @life.with.bronte




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