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Looking Forward to 2021

Looking Forward to 2021
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Tash sits down and reflects on a tumultuous 2020, her vision for the label and goals for 2021. 

Hi Tash, how is your Christmas preparations coming along?

My Christmas celebrations are going slowly, I had put the tree up at the beginning of December as I love having the tree up, with regards to organising Christmas presents I run around and do the week of Christmas.

Looking back on 2020, what were some of the highlights of the year? 

My highlights has been all the love and support that I have found and given with my customers and stockist, in which we as a community have stuck together and supported each other through these hard times and I will be forever grateful for this always.

2020 has been a tough year, with COVID-19 bringing the world to a halt, with a lot of small businesses impacted significantly. How did you cope during the pandemic and how did you navigate the label through it? 

Wow like everyone, 2020 has been a crazy year for us all and it has been extremely challenging with the business. It has been harder than usual as we have had the business and stock on hold earlier in the year when the whole world went into lockdown. We since then recovered and was able to deliver our collections to our amazing stockist and customers.  This month all our December collections have been affected again with India and we have decided to move them to sell in January 2021 where we can start fresh for the NY and look forward to an amazing year ahead.

I personally have struggled with some mental health issues due to this with everyday business decisions been taken out of my hands and that I have no control over, but I have worked hard by going to speak to someone and work through this and have taken a lot of positives out of 2020 to apply for the future.

Your journey has been incredible thus far, what are some of your business goals in 2021? 

My goal is to work harder but smarter, to continue to grow the labels, with every range to be better than the last, learn Mediation, to be kinder to myself, to move the business from my home studio to a office and add a small store, to travel more within WA.

Can you give us a hint on what is to come in 2021?

Lots of amazing new collections in classic styles and best sellers in delicious colour palates, new homewares, and a new attitude to life. I am very excited to see what 2021 brings to us all.

Last one, any word of advice going in?

To encourage to be the best version of yourself and be kind to others.

To all our customers, stockists and extended House of SKYE family, we thank you for all the love and support we have received so far, especially in 2020. We look forward to welcoming you into 2021. Stay safe, happy holidays and be kind to one another. 


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