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House of SKYE x Lily and the Angel

House of SKYE x Lily and the Angel
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House of Skye x Lily and the Angel Blog

House of Skye x Lily and the Angel Blog

Kelly! Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m a wife and a mumma to two beautiful teenage girls. My career background is predominantly in interior design, with many years spent in various sectors of the fashion and event styling industries both in the Uk and in Australia. We moved to Perth almost 8 years ago and feel blessed that we get to call this  beautiful place home. 

So what inspired you to start your own business? 

I have been baking since I was a child. Lily (of Lily and the Angel) was my Nan and I've been baking since I could stand on a stool at her kitchen bench and mix the cakes for afternoon tea on Sundays. I loved her method of baking, nothing was weighed or measured she just instinctively knew! She had her baking spoon (which I now own and bake with) and that was her measuring system. I'm slightly more technical now than she was, but I still make some of her recipes that way. 

House of Skye x Lily and the Angel Blog Post

The concept of Lily and the Angel is based around that time spent with Lily at my grandparents’ house, which is why it has a vintage, homely, relaxed feel. Most people say they feel instantly at home with us. I wanted to create a place where you allow yourself time, even if it could only be a few minutes to take a moment and gather your thoughts. We live in such a crazy hectic world these days where we're always running around and we don't always remember to take care of ourselves. When spending time at my Nana's, I was never in any rush to leave, I loved chatting with her over a cuppa, putting the world to rights or just having a good old gossip, but I forgot time, and that was ok! I wanted to give people that same feeling in the cafe. 


House of Skye x Lily and the Angel Blog

What advice do you have for other Perth creatives hoping to embark upon their own entrepreneurial journey's?

Do something you love! It might start out being something you love, but doing it day in and day out can take its toll. Before I got Lily off the ground I had been collecting vintage things, testing recipes, planning the interior and doing barista courses all in preparation, whilst doing various “proper jobs” ones that would pay the bills in the mean time.I held this dream in my heart for 13 years and even when deciding to move to Australia the dream came too, literally on a ship, in a container! I wasn’t giving up. Try to make what you want to do unique, even if others are doing something similar. Create a point of difference, something you’re doing that others aren’t! It doesn’t mean that what you want to do can’t shine above others in the same field if you really want it to! 



House of Skye and Lily and the Angel Blog

How would you describe your style, do you have any muses or inspirations? 

I have a very eclectic style and I don’t really follow fashion. I have always felt at home with the bohemian way of dressing.I’m not conventional in body shape so many current or passing trends wouldn’t work for me. I’ve learnt what does and embrace that completely! I’m a bit of a non-conformist and will throw together the most unexpected of garments like a hacked off crop sports shirt with a paisley pair of bells and a velvet jacket. I mean why not?! I’m more than happy to clash colours, prints and eras but feel that everything about the 70’ s makes my heart sing!! I love the whimsy, the free spiritedness and eclecticism.

I pick up pieces from op shops, flea markets and find a sweet little eBay /Etsy bargain from time to time.(Some of my pieces are older than my children!!!!) Most of all buy things you feel comfortable in, because when you’re comfortable you’re confident and that’s what makes you feel on top of the world. As for muses ... well as always I want to say Stevie nicks that’s just a given!!

You’ve created an amazing space for your customers, tell us about your amazing collection of vintage wares they you’ve managed to collect over the years. 

I’m an official hoarder there’s no point denying it...of clothes (I don’t part with significant pieces...ever!!! Some of them are older than my children) and of vintage “granny chic” and mid-century homewares. I’ve always felt at home with eclecticism. I feel it reflects who you are, and it really should, your life experiences, travels, memories, in my opinion you should surround yourself with it. In the instance of Lily and the Angel I wanted to evoke all those feelings you got when you spent time at your grandparents house, that simplicity of being a child when the worries and concerns weren’t present because at that age you had none. So to create that feeling at Lily and the Angel, I enjoyed hours of fossicking through markets, charity shops and car boot sales, it was heaven (to me.)

LOVE! And finally, what was your favourite piece from the HOS Bohemian Rhapsody collection? 

It’s so very hard to choose…oh the pressure! There are some stand out pieces in this collection that I’d be more than happy to add to my wardrobe. For me I feel like the ‘Gold Dust’ colourway is perfect for my skin tone, it’s those shades I’m always drawn to! I just loved the ‘Stevie Cape’ it’s definitely a winner for me I’m a sucker for a fabulous Kimono! I also really loved the versatility of the Fleetwood Flares as a nice alternative to a swishy skirt, and they were super comfy and so easy to wear. Please don’t make me choose from the jewellery, I just want it all!!! 

House of Skye and Lily and the Angel Blog Post


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