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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

    I have been a makeup artist for 16 years in the industry. I started out assisting locally in Perth then started working at MAC cosmetics in 2003. Whilst at MAC,  I became a product specialist & worked on fashion weeks & shows throughout Australia. I spent some time working in London in the mid to late Noughties working and assisting in the fashion industry. I am currently based in Australia however, I am heading over to Europe for LFW, PFW in September.   

    What advice do you have for Aspiring MUAS?

    Don’t follow styles and trends, carve your own style. The current trend of "Instabeauty" is one dimensional and rarely translates into life. It is homogenising beauty and opposes diversity, the very thing makeup should celebrate. Painting by numbers has no place in art. Authenticity is key to surviving in this industry.

    What do you think sets Perth Creative's apart from those working over in the eastern states?

    I think the isolation of this remote city births highly creative individuals. Many of Australia’s top creatives in fashion are from Perth. Unfortunately, the backlash of the isolation is a lack of industry. On the other hand, there is a great sense of community and support for the arts which is seeing perth into a new era.



    House of Skye X Ashley Brockman MUA



    What inspires your work? 

    What inspires me. I look to art, music, light & nature. Very rarely do I look at makeup for inspiration. 

    And finally which artist's are you loving in your Industry right now?

    I don’t follow a lot of makeup artists however some of my greatest inspirations are friends of mine who work in the industry. In Australia, I’m loving MAC senior artist Carol Mackie’s work and overseas I follow Thomas Dekluyver & Clare Read’s work! All of whom are originally from Perth. 

    You can see more of Ashley's work over on Instagram @ashbrockman and



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