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House of SKYE & The Flower Girl Part 2.

House of SKYE & The Flower Girl Part 2.
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The Flower Girl Perth
The Flower Girl Perth

Clare, how would you describe your personal style? Do you have any ultimate go to products?

My personal style is comfortable but feminine with a carefree edge. I do not feel myself in anything remotely corporate and my go to products are lush cosmetics bath bombs and perfumes! 

What are your favourite pieces from our Desert Rose collection and how will you be styling them?

I absolutely loved trying on all of the Desert Rose pieces but my favourite was the green off the shoulder flamenco front with the cactus print. I’m going to apply some good fake tan and dazzle in that dress at my friend’s wedding at the Botanical gardens next month.

Do you have a favourite escape in Perth?

Yes without a doubt Wedge Island is my favourite place in WA. We are very lucky to have friends who invite us regularly to their shack there. It’s a place of undisturbed natural beauty and feels like raw Australia. I’m just back from there and feel great after a few dips in ocean and beers with mates. 

We spoke to you last year and one of your goals was to move your business from your family home and into a studio! Congratulations! How are you finding entrepreneurial life?

Yes thanks, I took the plunge and moved my operation into rented premises last year. It has been wonderful to have the space, it’s perfect for my needs and has the most wonderful natural light. On the plus side my work has improved having a studio to spread out in but it is challenging financially. More pressure to have a continuous volume of work but hopefully I can successfully manage that with help from my go to freelancers.

And finally, what advice do you have for other mothers considering starting a creative venture? 

The advice that I would give to other creative, entrepreneur mothers would be to seriously think about it. It’s honestly very, very hard with not great financial reward. One child is ok but the juggle with two is a different story. You have to absolutely love what you do and work terribly hard to have it all. No Netflix for me ever! I’m not stopping now I have gotten to where I am but I do worry that I have not been fully present in my children’s early years.


The Flower Girl Perth
The Flower Girl Perth
The Flower Girl Perth
The Flower Girl Perth
Stay tuned for Desert Rose drop dates.
You can follow Clare and her work over on Instagram @theflowergirlperth


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