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Cosmic Love Coming Soon

Cosmic Love Coming Soon
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Our newest Collection is inspired by our love of mystical worlds, cosmic skies, and moonlit nights. Cosmic Love is for the true gypsy adventurer who is free spirited, obsessed with all things magical and mystical. Her Enchanting home interior looked like a jewel heaven with her crystals, tarot cards and treasures she has found through her gypsetting lifestyle. Like a true Bohemian our new Print Cosmic Skies” was inspired by our love of all things Cosmic.

This enchanted print captures stars, moons, and the magical Lotus flower that was our inspiration for this spellbound collection bought to you in two charmed colour ways in two beautiful colour ways of Orchard Moon and Love Potion.




You are made from the same creative energy.

that made the whole universe.

We are all really,




For our upcoming Collection Cosmic Love, we had the pleasure of using the beautiful Kawa Heart Studio. We had the chance to interview the amazing owner Dee about life, Inspiration and her life Motto.



  1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your family and what inspired the Kawa Heart Studio?



Kawa Heart Studio is named after our angel baby Kawa Leaf. She passed into the afterlife just before we moved in and we feel her spirit is always here with us. The ‘heart’ is derived from her actual heart that beats on. Before we moved in the studio was purpose build as a glass art studio for 30 years. I often feel like we are purely custodians of the studio and have an open-door policy to allow creatives to come and make magic in the space.

I spend my days chasing after our little man Beau Sunray (1.5) and his sister Rafa Rose (5) while freelancing as a stylist and creating cute content for brands that share an earth-friendly outlook on life.


  1. What was your inspiration when you were designing your home?


I am inspired by the home herself and the character she embodies. Whenever I move into space I always try to marry my own personal style with the bones of the home. There is a careful fusion of taste and style that you must acknowledge and honour in your home. Her name is the Lady California. She is an original California Bungalow that began its build in 1938 and completed in 1941. Her ceilings are high and decorative and her curves are in all the right places. I often feel like we haven’t done much but subtle aesthetic choices to make her light shine even more and to highlight her Art Deco beauty. 


  1. What is your favourite thing about your home? 


The sunroom. It's in the back of the home and it was tacked on potentially in the ’60s like an absent-minded afterthought. It's got this ramshackle and very laid back feel to it that reminds us of the northern beaches of Sydney (where my husband is from) and it's usually where we end up spending most of our time hanging ten. the sunsets in there bring in oh so pretty light streaming through and the Freo doctor wind sweeps through. you can hear the cacophony of birds and it's the best place to have a cuppa tea, meditate or just roll around with my babies.  


  1. If you could challenge others to make a positive impact on anything, what would it be?


Let's call it - Considered consumerism. Where before you purchase an item whatever it may be you think about how useful it is, and where it is derived from and how it was made and where it was made and who made it and how long will it last? Is it worth trying to source a second land/pre-loved item or is it something you purchase new that's well made so it will go the distance? I am a huge advocate of buying pre-loved items and try my hardest to source second hand, third hand & four-ever hand before we consume new things as a family. And when you do choose to buy new products being thoughtful about supporting small businesses and buying local is always a good idea. The conscious choice to buy less yet buying better is one we can all try to adapt to for the future. 



  1. Last one, what is a motto you live by? 


There is no such thing as a problem, just a situation — Eckhart Tolle.


Be Here Now — Ram Dass


And my own words — Love is knowing deep in your heart that you will never ever be apart. 


Dee x x


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