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Benefits of Morning Meditation

Benefits of Morning Meditation
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Good morning Bohemian lovers,

Have you always wanted to have a good morning routine?
You see yourself setting up the day well but every morning that comes around you feel like pressing snooze one more time, or that maybe you don’t have enough time for yourself, and are rushed or stressed before the day has even begun?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when we have work or other commitments, and often times we forget that it’s crucial to look after ourselves from the very beginning of the day. If we start off the day relaxed and ready for any challenge, imagine what we can actually achieve in a day's work?

Making a daily routine around meditation can have a positive impact on your mental health; and while many people may think it’s something you only do in a Zen Centre or during Yoga class, we’re here to inform you that it is as simple as paying attention to your breathing. 

One or two minutes of breath work meditation can relieve stress and has been shown to have mental benefits such as improving focus, memory, self-control, academic performance and more. Some research on meditation has indicated benefits in physical health too, improved metabolism, heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. 

If something that only takes one to two minutes can improve your energy and capacity to perform for the rest of the day, and also benefit your mental and physical health along the way, why wouldn’t we promote it?

At these times upon us now and for my mental healthy, I am practicing mediation on a daily basis in the studio, surrounded by the creations and colour that makes me feel happiest.

Stay safe and healthy!

House of S K Y E 


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