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As Seen on You - with Hayley from @fridayiminlovexo

As Seen on You - with Hayley from @fridayiminlovexo
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fridayiminlove foxy lady mini dress

Hayley from @fridayiminlovexo is a mama and a wife, a self-proclaimed flower child with a rock n roll heart - and has one of the most addictively, scrollable Instagram feeds we've ever seen. Last week, she took some time out of her schedule to discuss the loves of her life, how she's wearing the upcoming second drop from our Woodstock collection and how she's doing her bit when it comes to living and shopping sustainably. 


Tell us a little bit about yourself, who is Hayley?

I wear my heart on my sleeve, I chase my dreams, I love hard and I love the life I live. My son and my husband are my everything!  My family and friends mean the absolute world to me and I cherish those relationships. I adore my eleven year old British bull dog, Fergie. I take time to enjoy random people I meet, listening to little kids’ funny stories (namely the 6yr old cutie pies in my sons class) and old people with incredible tales to tell are my faves. I find so much beauty in my surroundings always…flowers, the sway of the trees, but ALWAYS the sky - day or night.

I have always invariably had a strong style that has definitely changed and evolved over the years, but I have always been about layers and mixing textures where I can. I take serious delight in mixing old with new. Whether it’s my own existing older pieces getting another life or finding beautiful unique vintage and pairing it with a new piece, I loooove the contrast. Putting together outfits for myself and or others always makes me soooo happyyy! I can get crazy excited and inspired over it. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to do this for work and Instagram. Flower child with a rock n roll heart x


What are your tips for styling the Woodstock pieces during this transitional period?

I am really digging the Woodstock collections textures, prints and patterns. The pieces all mix, match and layer beautifully. The incredible Penny Lane Jackets will work over everything, the Woodstock tees under or over dresses as well as the obvious - teamed with pants or skirts. The Cosmic Dreamer kimono gives another layer, texture and feel to any outfit, as well as colour...the vibrant purple hue is mad! I feel so feminine and whimsical in kimonos.

I’m a big fan of adding a long sleeve body suit, tights and a great pair of boots (always boots) to lighter weight or more summery pieces to make the piece more versatile so you can ultimately get so much more wear throughout the year.  I will be doing this with gorgeous Foxy Lady Mini a lot through winter. Enjoy the flower child hippy vibes of this dreamy Woodstock Collection!

fridayiminlove foxy mini dress

Do you have any advice or tips for sustainable shopping and living?

Think creatively and outside the box with how you can and will style pieces you already have or if you must purchase something new, think ahead about how you will get wear and longevity out of it. Is there a gap in your wardrobe? Buy pre-loved and vintage treasures to give another life of love to. If you are bored with your wardrobe swap with people you share a common sense of style with and put your spin on it. If you want to go further find out about the processes of how your garments are made, manufactured, packaged etc. find out whether those processes sustainable. Be mindful of every purchase!


Your Instagram feed is stunning! What advice do you have for anybody wanting to get into the world of blogging or documenting their work/daily life through app?

Stay true to you! xo


Do you have any favourite travel spots or places you head to to unwind?

We live on the Mornington Peninsula, so some of the most beautiful places to relax and unwind are on our doorstep.  Our favourite is the Blairgowrie back beach, it’s like our own little heaven on earth! The beauty of the sand and the sea, the white rocky cliffs and rock pools that surround it are insanely beautiful! Thanks so much to the beautiful team at House of Skye for taking some time with meeee!

Hails xo

 You can follow Hayley on Instagram @fridayiminlovexo


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