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My obsession with Accessories started at quite an early age. In the 80's, I always loved layering accessories on myself, especially back then, when everything was so colourful and bright. The older I got, the more I changed to wearing a mix of Gold and Silver or layers of beading. Later in my late 20’s, I found my true passion of silver, stones and Turquoise - which has now become my kryptonite and the reason for my Inner Gypsy Collection.


I love going to op shops and finding those real gems and stunning vintage pieces that I truly treasure. And now, I am able to make those treasures for others.

When I started the House of S K Y E my passion was to design a variety of amazing products that were affordable and added a spark to an outfit. That is why I am so proud of the Inner Gypsy Collection. Our Jewellery consists of wonderfully versatile and intricately designed bohemian treasures; delicately handmade and crafted using a blend of recycled materials including tin and zinc. Each design is finished using an antiquing process enabling us to maintain a high quality and product longevity.

Our unique collection is inspired by the freedom of the 1970’s, the iconic Stevie Nicks and the embellished style adopted by the original Gypsies.

Layering these pieces with your favourite bohemian outfit will have you feeling like a true goddess.


Tash xx




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