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A Picnic with Marnie Stella

A Picnic with Marnie Stella
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Springtime is here! As the weather warms up in Western Australia, we have a chat with Marnie Stella on her picnic essentials.

Can you tell us your perfect picnic outfit?

I love wearing maxi/midi dresses to a picnic. I find them comfortable to sit in and generally I have picnics more often in summer so they are a great option to stay cool. 


What is your opinion on winter picnic dates? 

I love a cosy picnic situation in winter. I think you definitely have to be more prepared in order to stay warm. I like having a picnic near a fire pit or rugging up in lots of layers. Throw rugs are also perfect to have on hand for a winter picnic.

Where are your favourite locations to have a picnic? 

To be honest, I love setting up picnics in my backyard. I love being out in the garden and it's so nice to have picnics at home as you don't need to pack everything up in the car to go to the picnic. I also love having a coastal picnic, either at park along the beach or on the sand. Nothing beats a beautiful sunset picnic along our amazing coastline. 

How do you prepare for a picnic? 

Having a picnic at home takes a lot less preparation, hence why I love them! If I'm going to a beach or park, I always start by checking the weather. It can be super windy on the coast, so I look at the wind too. I always pack a chopping board that can also be used at a cheese or nibbles boar too. Drinks are a must! So I always take some glasses and ice along for delicious drinks. 

What is one thing you can’t leave home without when going on picnics? 

I always have a pretty picnic throw rug to sit on. I love this House of Skye rug and I think it'll be my new staple. I love how large it is. I often go to picnics with friends or family and I find that a lot of the rugs are too small for a group of people. This one is big enough to comfortably fit a group of friends! 

Thank you Marnie for speaking with us! You can find more of her and her travels on her Instagram page.

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