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A Date with Bronte

A Date with Bronte
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We sit down for a virtual chat with the lovely Bronte on fashion, life and DIY living.

Tell us a little about yourself Bronte?

Hi, I’m Bronte, 28 and a Melbourne mummy of two beautiful girls, Alyssa and Amalia. I am originally from WA born far up the top in the Pilbara, but always lived by the sea. Moved to Melbourne 5 years ago. Started an instagram account @bohoqueenandtribe but recently changed my handle to @lifewithbronte. I love sitting by the fire drinking red wine researching fashion, lifestyle, DIY, and mummy blogs.My girls keep me busy, with a bit of influencing on the side as well as my own small business @arcadiathelabel.
Life is good, actually life is great.

How would you describe your style?

Gosh this is a hard one for me, I do get asked this a lot too, and my answer is never the same. It really depends on what mood I’m in or if I’m having a skinny or fat day. I can tell you I am not a huge fan of jeans, I own about 6 pairs and I’m constantly on the hunt for a pair that will feel like I’m not wearing jeans at all (haven’t yet found any), if you know of some please let me know.

But style.. I love vintage anything found in small town op shops. Bohemian style plays a massive role in my wardrobe, it's how I started my Instagram influencing. Casual style something I have been wearing a lot more of lately, we are currently in the COVID-19 pandemic so casual is about all I get to wear most days. I do love a bit of hippie, rock chick and sporty spice styles too.

What is your favourite thing to do with your kids?

My girls are my world, and I still can’t believe I have parented two beautiful well mannered girls. I look at them and think, how did I do it. Some of our favourite things to do together, is art and craft, dancing and cooking. My girls live for art and craft, while in isolation I got them a heap of huge canvases and they painted them for me. They are now hanging in the lounge room.

Cooking is something I actually really enjoy and my girls always have their stools in the kitchen helping me.
Music plays a huge role in our household, we start the day with music and a dance off. They are actually dancing to the new Trolls world tour right now.  

Do you do a lot of DIY decor at home? 

Yes we do lots of DIYs at home, we love reusing, and recycling old furniture and decor.

I am currently in the middle of a revamp/restyle of our family home while in #iso, which I’m sure everyone is doing now and I have been following @genevavanderzeil closely for DIY hacks, her work is amazing.
I did the #trashtoterracotta with lots of old op shops vases, they turned out amazing. Hubby is currently building the girls a mud kitchen with left over wood and old furniture timbers.

Plus since isolation started I have pretty much painted the whole house. Way to much time on my hands at the moment.

Our next goal is the girls bedroom, we want to create a soothing space they will love.

What do you get up to in your me time?

Me time is so important, though I don’t get a lot of it, I think I have found that balance of work life, love life, and home life. Anyone that knows me, knows I love my plants and they are my me time. Caring for indoor plants is like caring for another child, they need to be fed, cleaned and watered.
I also enjoy drying plants and flowers, and making dried arrangements for around the house.

Once the kiddies are in bed though catching up on my favourite TV shows with a red in one hand and a block of chocolate in the other is the ultimate me time.

Thank you Bronte for speaking to us! You can find her on instagram at @lifewithbronte and her shop here.

Bronte is Wearing the Stevie Slip Dress and Wilde Love Kimono from our Current Wilde Love Collection and the Into the Wild Wrap dress from our upcoming Collection Into the Wild due August. xx



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