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5 Ways To Style Your Quilt

5 Ways To Style Your Quilt
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Our stunning quilts have arrived and we cannot wait to share with you all their amazing uses and why we love them so much! Made with cotton and machine washable makes our quilts so versatile to use in various different ways. Our quilts have been designed with gorgeous prints and colour palettes, with our signet bohemian flare. Quilts are so much more than just a blanket, so we want to share with you our top 5 ways to style your quilts. 

Styling your quilts over your bed. 

For a pop of colour in your bedroom, fold your quilt over the foot of your bed. Makes it easy to grab when it gets extra chilly at night, and perfect for wrapping yourself in on your bed without undoing all of the covers. 
Spread your quilt all over the bed for extra styling and comfort -definitely a cosier look! You could leave the quilt untucked for a more lived-in look or tuck your quilt into the mattress to look like a duvet! 

Picnic Blankets

Our quilts make gorgeous picnic blankets, perfect to keep in your car for any surprise picnics or beach trips. The quilts beautiful patterns and colours are a fun take on your regular beach towel and picnic blanket. Perfect amount of thickness and comfort to lounge on in the outdoors.

Couch Decor

Use your quilt to style up your lounge room by decorating your couch. For an added pop of colour in the living room, quilts can be folded over couches to incorporate different textures and prints in your living space. Not only are they at arms reach for extra warmth during movie nights, but also serve as protection for your leather couches from scratching and pets! Everybody wins! 

Pet Bed

If your pets are treated like royalty in your family, quilts are the perfect comforter for your luxury pooches. Use over the top of dog beds for extra comfort, or to decorate boring dog beds within your living spaces. Our quilts are machine washable, so they are perfect for just throwing in the wash when they start to get a pet smell - or a pet toilet accident! 

Adding Colour

Our quilts have been designed with gorgeous colour block printing and intricate patterns and colourways, use them for general decoration all over your house for when you feel like decorating and spicing up your living space. You can use quilts as tablecloths and table runners, made with cotton and being machine washable they make a fun decorative element to your table/side table and brighten up a room. 
The prints are so gorgeous they can even be used as wall art or headboard, just hang the quilt where you desire, the lightness of the material makes our quilts perfect to hang and decorate where ever!


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