Living Sustainably at Home
Start timing your showers! Try showering to your favourite Stevie Nicks song and once it’s finished– well that’s your cue to exit! Plus the music will help get you motivated for the day ahead.
Turn off all of your electrical appliances at the socket's at night time, (that includes your Wi-Fi box!) You'll be grateful for the lack of distractions and in turn will get a better nights sleep. You’ll save money on your energy bills in the long run too!
Sustainable Shopping
Support your local Farmers Markets and buy your produce in bulk wherever you can.
From July 1st 2018 single use plastic bags will be banned state-wide in WA. Stores will still provide a range of alternative bags for their shoppers to purchase but we suggest getting a head start and putting those reusable tote bags to good use! Like so many others, we’re completely on board with the ban and happy that WA is finally implementing this change!
Stop buying bottles of water and invest in a filter jug/system. You could finally purchase that 'Keep Cup' too for coffee on the go.
And of course sustainable fashion…
INVEST in higher quality fashion pieces over cheaper, fast fashion options.
You could join the 1000’s of people worldwide who are now opting to buy second hand. Go on an op shop treasure hunt and we promise that you’ll be surprised at what you find. Natasha found herself a pair of very 70’s inspired Chloé wedges recently!