Each month going forward, we'll be using our platform to shine the light on who we consider to be, some of WA's most inspirational creative's! From business owners, bloggers and artists, on the HOS blog you'll get the chance to delve into their world's that little bit more.

This month we inerviewed Melissa Beeton of @My_Hippy_Heart 

What inspired you to start your businesses?

I have two small businesses that I have been working on for the past few years. Firstly, my Instagram fashion blog "My Hippy Heart." I have so much fun working with various designers, artists and florists to create interesting bohemian images! I am obsessed with colour and love to incorporate amazing art into my photos and mixing it up with fashion and flowers. I have been so lucky to collaborate with some amazingly creative and generous people, and I love finding interesting ways of showing their beautiful products. I am forever stalking graffiti walls and I guess it has become my signature look. I also love to foster positive vibes and lifestyle and to portray this in all my posts.
I have made my own line of Boho jackets and tee shirts and am working on producing my own skirt this year! There is never enough hours in a day!
I also have an Etsy shop TheGypsyPearlCo that has been growing steadily over the past year. I am very fortunate to be able to source amazingly gorgeous pearls directly from the pearl auctions in Tahiti and Japan and create all sorts of pearl jewels at affordable prices.  Pearls are so captivating and versatile and I love that they are just as beautiful day or night. I particularly love the mysterious glow of Tahitian black pearls. There is nothing like them! Real pearls feel beautifully cool to touch and have a lovely heaviness to them. They warm with your body temperature and are just so beautiful to wear. I am constantly updating my shop with ranges of Tahitian and South Sea jewels and have gorgeous customers world-wide!

Where do you get your Inspiration?

Colour and nature are my greatest inspirations. I love to walk every day and appreciate the changing light and moods of the seasons. I adore colour and am drawn to beautiful patterns and textures. I am also inspired by all things vintage. I love objects that have soul and character - perfect imperfections. Music is another huge inspiration in my life. 

And what are your plans for the year ahead?

This year I plan to keep growing TheGypsyPearlCo and improving my ranges and styles. I am also looking forward to working on my fashion blog and producing my skirt and hopefully a larger range of clothes in the future! I am always dreaming up new ideas and my mind is continually working! I love different things and it’s so great to see many small businesses flourishing thanks to social media!

What is it about Bohemian Style and the Bohemian way of life that you love so much about?
I love that the Boho look allows people to follow their own feelings and styles. Boho style is so forgiving and easy to wear and makes you feel beautiful. I love it's reference to times past, adventure and exotic places. There is so much colour and texture and beauty in it! 
And of course we have to ask, what’s your favourite House of Skye piece?
So hard to choose as I love so many of my House of Skye pieces. I would have to say I adore my Lost in Arizona skirt. It just feels so gorgeous and swishy on, and the print is so edgy and fabulous. I also love my Folk Town Flamenco dress. It is so dreamy and feminine and makes me feel special when I wear it! The colour and delicate print are just exquisite.